Written evidence submitted by Paul Johns (CAUK0028)

1. The process of Climate Assembly UK has been useful to me in highlighting the impact that an information campaign can have on the engagement of ordinary people with the issue of climate change. The BBC documentary in particular showed the increased concern of people who were sceptical at the start of the process.

The report has been useful as the number one recommendation made was to educate and inform everyone (public, industry, individuals and government) about climate change.

This is the idea behind my petition. Educate and inform the general public about climate change to get more engagement with what they will have to do to contribute to overcoming it.


2.  N/A


3.  Government reaction so far has been words not actions, as the report itself warned it might be. Obviously Covid 19 has been the main focus of government but the climate crisis is a bigger global threat and delaying action means it is even less likely that GHG reductions will be achieved. There is no sign that government is offering clear, proactive, accountable and consistent leadership. The fudging of the Cumbria coal mine decision and continuation of funding for the Mozambique coal mine are just some examples. Continued payment of huge subsidies to fossil fuel companies must halt.


4. Government should formally accept the report and set out clearly how it will take action on its recommendations. The number one recommendation is to inform & educate the British people, and a public information campaign should be launched similar in scope to that for Covid. That is what my petition asks for. The required material is available - use what was presented to Climate Assembly UK.

Parliament should unite on this globally vital issue to ensure that the recommendations are followed and that the government is held accountable for its actions.

May 2021