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Submission to Climate Change, Development and COP26





The Institute for Global Sustainable Development is a research institute at the University of Warwick.  It works in partnership with researchers, practitioners and community members in low- and middle-income countries to deliver impactful research that directly supports adaptation and resilience to the effects of climate change.  We have a particular expertise in research that supports resilience to extreme weather events that have had increasing frequency due to climate change, such as flooding and landslides.


We welcome the International Development Committee’s focus on climate change, development and COP26 and the opportunity to provide information to support the enquiry.



Any gaps that remain between what the Government has done and what it committed to do








The extent to which the Government’s work to date on climate change and development has taken the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the needs of low-and-middle income countries and vulnerable groups into account






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[3] We would be happy to supply specific information about the benefits of this research to date.