Written evidence submitted by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (CAUK0014)



We welcome the Climate Assembly UK’s recommendations, which demonstrate strong public support for the Government’s intention to deliver a UK economy which is stronger, cleaner, more sustainable and more resilient. We take the views of the Climate Assembly UK seriously as assembly members represent viewpoints that broadly reflect the UK population and they have deliberated extensively on net zero. Findings from the Assembly form an addition to the Government’s evidence base on assessing the UK public’s understanding, attitudes and perceptions around net zero. This evidence base is being used in several ways, including to inform development of parts of the Net Zero Strategy, the Heat and Buildings Strategy and the Transport Decarbonisation Plan, as well as to inform the development of public engagement approaches and to identify where there are policy gaps that need addressing. Many recommendations are in line with government policy and recent announcements, for example, the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, the Energy White Paper, the Agricultural Transition Plan, the 25 Year Environment Plan and the Resources & Waste Strategy, which deliver several of the Climate Assembly UK recommendations.




1.             Has Climate Assembly UK (both its process and recommendations) been helpful to your work (or the work of your organisation), and if so, how?

2.      What impact has Climate Assembly UK had across your sector, and more widely?




3.   A) How do you perceive Climate Assembly UK to have affected the work of Government since the Assembly’s report was published (10 September 2020)?
B) To what extent do the Government’s actions since then reflect Climate Assembly UK’s recommendations?

‘In the home’

‘Where our electricity comes from’

Greenhouse gas removals

‘How we travel on land’

‘How we travel by air’

‘What we buy’

‘What we eat and how we use land’


  1. A) What would a good response to Climate Assembly UK from the Government look like?
    B) What would a good response from Parliament look like?




May 2021