Written evidence submitted by Citizens' Convention on UK Democracy (CAUK0001)


I would make two simple points.


  1. The Report itself was excellent and is a great credit to those citizens who created it and the facilitators who enabled it.


  1. The problem from the outset was and remains the isolation and dislocation of the Report from meaningful political follow through.

The sharp lesson for all of us from dozens of successful [and unsuccessful] Citizens’ Assemblies globally is that the process for consideration, reconciliation and action has to be agreed with Parliament and Government before the Report creation begins.


Failure to negotiate these agreed processes in advance with legislative and executive partners always leads to unfulfilled expectations, mistrust & disputes, and under achievement.


I hope you will be open to this evidence in the constructive spirit in which it is offered. There is much more to support this case and I would be happy to discuss this at the Public evidence session or elsewhere if helpful.


Best wishes,


Graham Allen

Convenor of the Citizens’ Convention on UK democracy.

Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Select


May 2021