People First Keighley & Craven – Written evidence (FPO0083)


  1. Obese, diabetes, heart problems/attack. Strokes – high blood pressure, joints- knee replacements/ hip replacements
  2. Arthritis, eyesight, teeth, bones, organs
  3. Not active enough, adverts, Drug addiction, sugar addiction smoking drinking, caffeine addiction, choice, ( not want to upset) IT keep children safe
  4. Fund projects- to promote healthy eating use organisations etc. to do this for the public like sure start centres. Promote the change for life scheme and make it bigger.
  5. Important- you could collect data about people, like who, why, and what type of person uses the food bank services and with the collected data you might like at why these need food banks and what other solutions are there?
  6. Indicators can help a person to choose if they want it and help them to make better choices or the same choices.
  7. Quick and easy accessible for people with mental health issues ie depression is just one example it’s hard to cook for yourself to have that motivation. It is cheap for people on low incomes and also people who work all day and come home to kids like single parents
  8. Stop putting sugar in everything, sweeteners, sweeteners have other side effects.  Make healthier food cheaper and up the price on other food.  People should be able to make choices whether bad or good the government regulations should be just a guide