Professor Avan Aihie Sayer, University of Newcastle – Written evidence (INQ0019)




Scientific basis


1. How complete is the scientific understanding of the biological processes of ageing and their epidemiologies (including the relative roles of genetics, epigenetics, lifestyle, environment, etc.)?



2. How firm is the scientific basis for public health advice about healthy lifestyles as a way to increase health span, including physical health and mental health?


a. What are the practical impediments for this advice being acted on?


b. Are there examples of good practice in the UK/devolved nations, or elsewhere?


3. Which developments in biomedical science are anticipated in the coming years, in time to contribute to the Government’s aim of five more years of healthy and independent life by 2035? Research areas may include:





These are priority areas of research at the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre (


4. How complete is the understanding of behavioural determinants and social determinants of health in old age, and of demographic differences?


Technologies & Industrial strategy


Questions 5. – 10.



Healthier ageing


11. How feasible is the Government’s aim to provide five more years of health and independence in old age by 2035?


a. What strategies will be needed to achieve the Government’s aim?




Questions 12. – 13. Inequalities in health in older age is a focus of research at the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing (


17 September 2019