Written evidence submitted by Macmillan (DEL0079)


Addressing the immediate concerns of people with cancer during the pandemic

Q) What steps are being put in place to ensure that any change, delay or cancelled cancer treatment is due to clinical and not COVID-19 response capacity considerations?

Q) Has NHS England cancer programme had to take any remedial action, following reminding trusts about their responsibility to continuing to provide urgent cancer care?


Q) What additional resources will be made available to ensure that no cancer patient is disadvantaged from a delay or cancellation of their treatment?

Q) What “recovery plan” will occur to address how the NHS will catch up with a potential surge in cancer cases, due to the drop in GP referrals and suspension of cancer screening?


Q) To what extent is the hub model operational and to what scale are they operating? What underpinning ‘enablers’ are in place for this to continue – such as PPE or testing for staff or patients?

Q) What system preparednessdo you need in place to make sure cancer services can continue if there was another pandemic, or surge in cases later in the year?


Q) What analysis has been undertaken to understand the impact on the cancer workforce due to the current significant reduction in charity funding?


Q) Will the additional negative impact on emotional wellbeing for those waiting for diagnosis, treatment or care caused by COVID-19 response be addressed?


Ensuring system change continues

Q) What plans will be put in place to ensure that the NHS People Plan will be published with the additional resources to increase the cancer workforce needed?


Q) What assessment has been made on the impact that the response on COVID-19 will have on these commitments within the NHS Long Term plan?



April 2020