Professor Helen M Roche, University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast – Written evidence (INQ0008)


The scientific understanding of the ageing process, and how these areas of research could lead to treatments for delaying or managing the negative effects of ageing.


Nutrition, Mobility and long-term healthy ageing.


To date, research communities in the food and nutrition versus physical activity spaces have not integrated optimally. There is important potential synergy between both lifestyle elements with respect to age related loss of skeletal mass (sarcopenia) and frailty.


The UK should consider evidence based randomised control trials (RCTs) to determine / define potential interactions, particularly with respect to protein, amino acid and micronutrient status with mobility / physical activity.


Understanding these inter-relationships would fill an important current evidence gap. Currently there is a significant lack of evidence in relation to individual and indeed combined efficacy of both lifestyle interventions. This new knowledge / evidence base would then lead to much more effective public health strategies intended to promote wellness in older citizens.


27 August 2019