Written evidence submitted by Gordon Harrison


The Government support is sadly lacking.

I am an Accountant in business dealing with multiple small business clients.


Job retentions scheme :

Over complicated with reference to auto-enrolment and Er’s contribution.

Scheme assumes claimant are computer literate , able to make complex calculations , able to use a business tax portal , able to input multiple information.

Scheme is over generous when clearly many could not spend such sums.

Scheme totally unfair based on type of business entity.

Scheme totally unfair to owners of own limited company.

Scheme favours the rich and not the poor.


Self Employed scheme :

Totally flawed depending on business structure with regards to income as a partnership –

verse sole trade.

Can be claimed even if a business is trading with no disruption or doing better.

For those affected paid too late.

Too generous of many.


Council Grants:

Either not enough or too much depending on multiple factors .


Others :


A sole trader earning £49000 get a substantial payment , £50000 gets nothing ,

A Director earning £250,000 a year with £100000 savings gets £2500 a months , small company gets almost nothing.


Cbils just is useless and build up debt as is deferring VAT and SA.


Accountants ask to administer when not funded by Government and clients might well not pay.


What should have been done :


Ecomomy put on hold except for food production and all associated trades plus essential services. Anyone without money for food should have received £500 per month per individual .


April 2020