Written evidence submitted by Helen Vernon, NH Resolution (EPE0002)















Dear Previn


Thank you for your request dated Monday 12 April 2021 that NHS Resolution make a written submission to the Expert Panel, established by the Health and Social Care Select Committee, to examine the Department of Health and Social Care’s four main policy commitments for maternity services.


As you may be aware the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) submitted a written response to this Inquiry on 15 April 2021. As part of our role as an Arm’s Length Body of DHSC, NHS Resolution made a significant contribution to this written evidence, which detailed our part in those policy areas which the expert panel has been asked to examine.


As such, while we very much appreciate being consulted as a stakeholder in NHS maternity care, we will not be making a separate written submission in this instance.


Yours sincerely

Helen Vernon

Chief Executive



April 2021