Written evidence submitted by Dolphin Living [PDR 011]






What role should Permitted Development Rights (PDR) play in the planning system?


What is the impact of PDR on the quality and quantity of new housing, including affordable and social housing?


What is the impact of PDR on local planning authorities, developer contributions and the provision of infrastructure and services?


Is the government’s approach to PDR consistent with its vision in the Planning White Paper?


What is the impact of PDR on the ability of local authorities to plan development and shape their local communities?


Is the government right to argue that PDR supports business and economic growth?

Should the government reform PDR? If so, how?

  1. To allow local authorities to retain the power of exemption for certain areas based upon clear and transparent policy
  2. To require PDR to deliver the same affordable housing and infrastructure planning obligations as other housing developments
  3. To put in place requirements for PDR to deliver a higher quality of accommodation than it has previously delivered


April 2021