Written evidence submitted by Anonymous [PDR 010]


I totally support and endorse the comments from the HMO Lobby on Houses in Multiple Occupation spread in areas that have become HMO and student dominated.

Since 1990 when students/singles moved into areas housing families, the noise nuisance day and night, criminal damage to cars, walls, fences has driven out those families and older long term residents,

Even if noise complaints to Council/ Police/ Unis about one particular house totalled over 20 or more in a one year period, the noise could not be stopped, and neighbours only got relief when the students moved out . Some noise sufferers were going to bed at 8 p.m. to try to get a few hours sleep before all night loud beat music started.

Many noise makers ignore Council warnings and threats of being taken to Court.


I kept a diary from 2011 to 2018 of almost daily ASB in streets, and noise from HMOs but did not do so in 2018 /2019 as nearby all night HMO noise made me too tired to keep accurate notes.

Then Covid restrictions prevented visitors to HMOs, parties and it has of course been very quiet. But residents expect HMO related ASB to resume when or if lockdown ends.


PDR Class L ,NPPF 2012 revised 2028/2019 requests that  LPAs, to promote strong local communities.

HMO dominated areas are secular, prevent community  integration and set up insurmountable  barriers between neighbours. Face to face conversations about noise and ASB can result in claims of harassment against the complainants and waste police time.


For these reasons Article 4 Directions need to be continued and more brought into place.


The statistics presented below show the minimum per cent of known HMOs in the roads nearest to my own home.


Burlington Road  70%  Coventry Road 82% Devonshire Road 60%

Harborough Road 89Henstead Road 84% Handel Road 75%

Kenilworth Road 84%  Morris Road 60%  Milton Road 81%

Newcombe Road 79%  Sandhurst Road 90% Wilton Avenue 71%.



April 2021