Written evidence submitted by Rev. Jess Stubenbord [ASC 012]


The Committee is inviting submissions primarily focussing on the following points:

• How has Covid-19 changed the landscape for long-term funding reform of the adult social care sector?

There are not enough adult social workers on the ground.                                     They are needed both for needy families and also for those who suffer from mental illness.

Gaining access to a social worker for needy adults seems almost impossible in Norfolk.


• How should additional funds for the adult social care sector be raised?

By higher taxes.


• How can the adult social care market be stabilised?

By reducing the number of factors that drive up stress, instability.      How?  For a start the DWP must stop withholding benefits without better reasons and give folk a chance to defend themselves prior to withdrawal of benefits.

I call what the DWP are doing state sponsored cruelty.    Depression, anxiety, material need, etc. ramp up as folk lose their benefit because of misunderstanding or bad / inadequate judgement by DWP assessors.


• How can the adult social care market be incentivised to compete on quality and/or innovation?

Competition is not needed in adult social care, but compassion and wisdom are.


April 2021