Written evidence submitted by Miss Asma Cheema (MISS0003)

Poor Body image?

Rich Body image?


Poor Body image / Poor appearance


This term Body image has been a topic of humour between my circle. When we talk about body image we are talking about everyone’s body, not the way they are carrying or presenting themselves. When we talk about body image , We are not talking in a broad sense, we are talking only about people’s body hidden behind cloths, There are people in the world , you look at them with cloths on and you will find their body  image health , good looking well to do stable person, and if you see the same person , without cloths, you might find, that legs were fake, and there was a colostomy bag attached to the person, Mind and feeling will be changed and so the image that was perceived will be changed as well.

Is it right or wrong??

So by choosing this kind of topic we might be contributing towards increasing mental sickness,

Let me explain it through example. There are people who’s genetic build is bigger, their bone structure is bigger, and they are fat, they want to look like Angelina Jolie . or Kate Middleton too, But they can’t. due to various reason other factors involve. Like underlying health issue? So It leads to sad feelings and depression in them.

And by being just focus on body image and emphasise on importance of perfect body image, we are contributing towards more mental illness. We you note , in last 10 years the trend of Plastic /Cosmetic surgeries is gone rocket high among teenagers. Why? Why we are not happy the way we naturally are?? Why is that now a days many people spend loads of money and risk their lives to attain some image of perfection which is not even real???

No matter how advance medically we have become lately, but still all these procedure has risk of death involved. But our teens are taking that risk to change and alter some part of body to achieve some image which might be created by media may be.

We should rather emphasis on Physical appearance.

I would suggest that we should rather discuss about.


The Impact of Poor Physical Appearance:-

According to definition ,Physical appearance are what you see with the naked eye, such as body structure, tall, short, colour, hairstyle, cloths, and other accessories. These are aspects that are visually apparent, knowing nothing else about the person. The first thing you see when you look at someone could be their hair, clothes, nose, or figure. These are all examples of physical appearance.

Physical appearance gives idea about person’s personality , we all make up an image of the person’s personality without knowing them on the basis of how they visually appeared.

Now a day we live in very superficial time, Every thing is based on appearance. We are all judged by other before even known as a person on the basis of how we look. So its very important to look well. Looking well means presenting an image on the basis of neat cloths, Groomed hair, maintained body structure all together they represent physically and mentally healthy person.

When we see someone with dirty cloths, scattered hair, no matter even if their body might be very fit still impact of their appearance was no where near the image of perfection.


April 2020