Written evidence submitted by Mr Bell (RSM0050)

I wish to state that I believe the dangers associated with smart motorways significantly outweigh any benefits. I have an old MG sportscar dating back to 1971 and I would avoid motorways anyway, if possible. However, if it was a smart motorway, I would take a major detour to avoid driving on it. My MG is not unreliable but the combination of the age and being relatively small, having no hard shoulder is extremely dangerous.

The advice given about getting out of a broken down car, does not make the situation much safer because the odds are that a vehicle about to impact from the rear will swerve in the last seconds and cause a collision with other vehicles, very likely leading to multiple collisions.

I do not feel comfortable without a hard shoulder in my modern car, there are many things that could happen where somewhere relatively safe to pull in to is required.

People are meant to take regular breaks and not drive when tired, but I am sure that most people have done it and not been giving the level of concentration required.


April 2021