Written evidence submitted by Mr Domenico Diiorio (RSM0049)

My experience is extensive and more than 37 years being a service engineer/electrician on average I would travel nearly 50k in a year. Also driven abroad on many occasions but now I am happy to say my experience is a daily commute on the motorway mainly the M1. 

In my opinion I feel that smart motorway’s have increased the danger to any person using the motorway net work. I like the new signage being used. But the hard shoulder worked because it was a continuous semi safe refuge area.

Now we have a situation where you have to try and keep the vehicle moving to a refuge which is too sporadic and too small. Many I have spoken to make the same remark I have heard that two lanes are in use elsewhere yes but normally you can take your vehicle on to the grass verge.

The Armco is preventing this in some places on the M1 and is a obstruction to safe evacuation.

How would a disabled driver fair trying to evacuate the car in a live lane.

Please link for a good near miss from my dash cam.


How do smart motorways work in the snow & fog when you can’t see the matrix displays until the last minute if at all.

The stretch I use M1 J29 to 28 I have seen many near misses where drives are not on the ball. We were told that automatic stationary traffic detection is installed but as far as know this is not true.

Reinstate the hard shoulder please


April 2021