Written evidence submitted by Mrs Mavis Allam (RSM0044)


A few years ago, there was a serious accident, as far as I can recall around Newbury on the M4 motorway going eastwards.  My husband and myself were going to Heathrow Airport to catch a flight to New York for a wedding.  Just before Newbury the traffic came to a halt and we later learnt that it was between a coach and a lorry.  We waited several hours and during this period I was observing how the Police, Fire Authority and Ambulance crews carried out their work.  I can only praise them for what I observed during this period.


The western direction of the M4 was cleared and there was a continuous flow of the above organisations coming to the junction behind our car and continuing down the hard shoulder to the accident.  This showed me that these organisations were working as a team and I felt very encouraged to see that should I ever be involved in such an accident that this team work was put in place.


After a several hours and the team had done their work the cars behind us then were directed out of the entry slip road to be diverted around the local area.  This was meticulously done and the hard shoulder enabled these cars to turn around and exit the motorway using the slip road behind us.


I understand that on the motorways where the hard shoulder has been taken away that there are lay-by areas.


Once the hard shoulder has been removed from the motorway, I find it hard to understand how the Police, Fire and Ambulance services can get to an accident in a remote countryside area with long distances between slip roads quickly as was done at Newbury.



March 2021