Supplementary written evidence submitted by Apple




Dear Conor


Thank you for your email of 3 March. We are happy to provide some further comments to the oral evidence of 23 February.


You asked for clarification on two points:


              -              What percentage of the music customers listen to comes from major labels? (Questions 662-664)


In oral evidence we suggested a figure of 75% was broadly accurate. Having checked the data, the most recent proportion of listens to tracks released on major labels is a little below this, although clearly this is not a static number year on year.


              -              Assuming Apple and other DSPs retain a 30% share, would you support and similarly implement any reform or change to payment systems and the distribution of revenues on your service? (Questions 667-679)


As we mentioned in oral evidence, Apple has no ideological attachment to any one model of allocation, although we could not commit to implementing any reform in advance without considering all the implications for the business. We would be open to hearing more about different models, but would anticipate the major challenge will be reaching consensus among licensors. We would not underestimate the challenge of reaching that consensus, particularly given there might be different reasonable interpretations of what a ‘fair’ solution looks like. 


I hope these comments help the inquiry. We look forward to seeing the committee’s conclusions.