The Hon Grant Robertson and Dr Alice Hume – Supplementary written evidence (NPS0153)

Sport NZ use a variety of data sources to determine partners performance and achievements against our outcomes.  There is no one survey that we use to do this, and partners have their own monitoring and evaluation systems in place, as we are not the sole funders for these organisations.  The work we do allows partners to tell a story of their impact, not just to us, but to all their funders, as we build capability across their monitoring and evaluation and story-telling.  Below is the process we use, and the data sources we use to determine if a partner is achieving the outcomes we have invested in. 

 Development of Partners Initiatives

 At the commencement of each investment cycle, Sport NZ work with our partners to develop the initiatives they will do in each of our investment areas.  These initiatives outline:

 Investment Schedules – Contract

 Each partner organisation has an investment schedule with Sport New Zealand.  The investment schedule is a contract between ourselves and our partners and outlines:

 Partner Reporting – Assessment of progress against outcomes

Sport New Zealand monitor and evaluate the progress of their partners against their annual investment through: 

 Sport NZ go through an assessment process, where each partner receives an initial assessment, per initiative for the work they have done throughout the year.  This assessment brings together the partnership managers information, subject matter experts information, partners annual reporting, results from all other data sources we have internally, and assesses them against a rubric.  The rubric is designed to assess progress towards outcomes.

 Priority partners do a self-assessment against our rubric, and Sport NZ hold a partner meeting to discuss where ratings differ.   Post this meeting, the partnerships manager and the subject matter experts bring any further information gained from the meetings, and determine a final rating.

 The partner receives a feedback letter from Sport NZ on an annual basis, the content of which should then inform any changes in initiatives for the following year.  We then follow that up with a partner meeting, and work with the partner to develop their partner plan for the next year.


Evidence of Impact

Sport New Zealand also has a table of performance measures, that outline the measures we use internally to demonstrate progress against our outcomes, in each of our investment areas.  The results of these measures come from the monitoring and evaluation programme, and surveys that Sport NZ conducts internally, and some that the partners conduct as part of their monitoring of impact.  A list of the surveys is below:

RSTs make good use of Active NZ data for stakeholder engagement, to track their progress towards meeting strategic goals, to define their direction, to inform the development of initiatives and programmes etc. The data from Active NZ is then visualised for the sector via The Insights Tool and the Data Visualisation Tool. Both are interactive and offer different kinds of insights for our sector to use.

The results from all of the above data sources can also be used by partners as part of their measures, to evidence the impact they are having against our outcomes.

23 March 2021