Supplementary written evidence submitted by Mark Barry, Professor of Practice in Connectivity at Cardiff University, School of Geography and Planning (RIW0020)

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Barnet calculation based on the Treasury Barnett comparability factors for the DfT and Wales, Scotland and NI

Statement of Funding Policy 2020.docx (

In summary for DfT relevant to Wales


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In simple terms any Barnett allocation is based on the following


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So for example, a £1BN increase in HS2 budget would lead to a £1Bn increase the DfT budget, on the basis of the above CF then the Barnet allocations are approximately:

Scotland             = £1Bn* 92% * 10%        =  £92M

NI                        = £1Bn *95%  * 3%         =  £29M             

Wales                 =£1Bn  *36%  * 5%         = £18M


Applying that process to  the entire £108BN allocated to HS2 on the same basis as a change to DfT budget

Scotland             =  £9.9Bn

NI                        =  £3.1Bn

Wales                 =  £1.9Bn


One could apply the same to NR Enhancement funding which is calculated the same way as HS2


March 2021