Written Eviednce Submitted by the Joint Biosecurity Centre



Dear Chair,

At our appearance before the Science and Technology Select Committee on 17 February 2021, I agreed to write to you with further details of how long the NHS COVID-19 app stores data for.


I can confirm that:


       Contact tracing data stays on a user’s phone for 14 days


The app has been designed to use the minimum possible personal data or information, to protect users’ privacy and identity. App users can view, manage, or delete any of their data, at any time, by selecting ‘About this app’ and then ‘Manage my data’.


Data protection law sets out a framework of protective measures that we've followed to make sure the app is legally compliant and meets the standards expected to keep data secure and confidential. There’s an ongoing programme of monitoring and assessment to make sure that a user’s data is safe and secure.


Further information about how and what data is stored on the NHS COVID-19 app can be found at https://covid19.nhs.uk/privacy-and-data.html.


I hope this explanation is helpful. Yours sincerely,


Dr Johanna Hutchinson



(8 March 2021)