Graham Linehansupplementary written evidence (FEO0103)


House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee inquiry into Freedom of Expression Online


Submitted following oral evidence session on 9 March



There was a request at the end for us to send in more evidence so I include a few links in this submission.


How Twitter makes it impossible for women to discuss their rights.[1]


This is the statement[2] by the psychotherapist I mentioned in my statement.


This is the interview with detransitioner Benji[3] where she talks about grooming in trans youth groups. You will notice that Morgan Page ran the group. Page is still on the Stonewall website[4] and was one of the reasons Stonewall threatened Alison Bailey's chambers.[5]


This was our investigation into Aimee Challenor,[6] late of the Greens, The Lib Dems and Stonewall. Challenor and friends are now moderators on the website Reddit, which recently banned every single gender critical feminist 'subreddit' group from the site. 


This is an excellent overview of the situation[7] from a regular contributor to my site who has to remain anonymous in case trans rights activists try to destroy her life.


Thank you again for the opportunity to speak yesterday. 



10 March 2021