Submission to the International Development Committee’s inquiry on the Philosophy and Culture of Aid – Plan International UK


Contact detail: Amelia Whitworth, Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager,


Plan International UK is a global children’s charity, we work to advance children’s rights and equality for girls. Last year our work reached over 10 million people globally.


1. Submission summary


2. Central recommendation: the International Development Committee should seek to actively consult children and young people as an integral part of the Philosophy of Aid Inquiry



3. Principles for how consultation with children and young people should be undertaken


In this section of our response we outline some principles for effective, meaningful and safe youth engagement and some practical suggestions for how the IDC could seek to consult children and young people as part of the philosophy of aid inquiry.


It is intended to give an overview as well as ideas and suggestions. If the IDC were to pursue this form of consultation as part of the inquiry we recommend resourcing an expert to develop and deliver a full consultation roadmap that considers the following principles:



Practical suggestions for consultation methodology:



"as a young person I think it is important to work with and talk to young people on issues that will affect their future the most" Helena, Plan International UK Youth Advisory Panel Member


“Young people are experts in our own lives and we should have a say in decisions which affect us. As young people are impacted by UK Aid it is only natural for them to be consulted and their views and lived experiences listened to and respected” Isabelle, Plan International UK Youth Advisory Panel Member



[i] Further details of these methodologies and the development process can be accessed here: Plan International, Setting the Agenda: The Girls’ Platform for Action, 2020.

[ii] Plan International, Taking the Lead: Girls and Young Women Changing the Face of Leadership, 2020.

[iii] Plan International UK Youth Advisory Panel Member

[iv] Plan International UK Youth Advisory Panel Member