Written evidence submitted by The All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood (CYP0115)


The list below is not exhaustive; some items require more explanation than others. However, all would enhance a reformed 1983 Mental Health Act pledged for delivery during this parliament by Boris Johnson in the Queen’s Speech (December 19th 2019).





However, such environments differ from routine healthcare settings                    making it contentious to generalise from such controlled trials. The research gathering paradigm should be broadened to include real-world practice and therapy results; particularly when examining mental health interventions for children. Reliance on controlled trial methods should be supplemented by an active, collaborative collection of data from real-world therapy sessions. Research gathered in this way often makes more sense for work with children than controlled methodologies. Real-world therapy/counselling results produced straight from clinical practice holds clinical practice at the centre of shaping policy on children’s mental health provision by using data born from it. Routine clinical practice is captured, evaluated and improved from the ‘bottom up’ – starting with practitioners collecting evidence from their own work on the ground and moving up to policy. For the best outcomes, decision-makers should credit evidence of what works in real time with real patients as well as the customary use of clinical trials.



March 2021