National Crime Agency - Written evidence (PBS0001)

Post EU Exit Law Enforcement Cooperation


Further to the evidence I gave to the Committee on 26 January 2021 alongside Assistant Chief Constable Peter Ayling and Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery KBE ADC, I committed to share the following supplementary information.


Speed of INTERPOL Notice Availability


The Committee asked about the speed at which INTERPOL notices can be shared through UK systems.


Unlike SISII, INTERPOL systems are not directly integrated into the UK Police National Computer (PNC). However the processing of INTERPOL notices will not be significantly longer than the previous process.


Currently, manual upload of an INTERPOL notice onto the PNC via the UK International Crime Bureau (UKICB) will generally take a few hours. However, we are in the testing phase of utilising Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) to

support our processes, with an aim to ‘go live’ in February. The whole process for one record using an RPA approach takes approximately 15 minutes.


Upload to the Warnings Index takes place within 24 hours. This was also the case during the time that the UK was a user of SIS II.


Data Adequacy


The Committee also asked about the relationship between Data Adequacy negotiations and the agreement reached on Law Enforcement and Judicial Cooperation (LEJC) in Criminal Matters within the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

The EU are in the process of carrying out their adequacy assessment of the UK. The UK has provided extensive evidence of our high data protection standards to assist them in doing this.


The TCA sets out the high data protection standards expected and includes grounds for suspension as a result of concerns (by either party) about serious and systemic data protection deficiencies. This allows the UK to have control over our data protection standards and ensure that these are upheld when data is transferred under this agreement.


It should be noted that Adequacy is not a pre-requisite for the LECJ Agreement and remains a separate technical process. Both sides have been clear on the importance of high data protection standards, but adequacy is not the only way of demonstrating that.


I hope this information is useful to you and the EU Security and Justice Sub- Committee.


3 February 2021