Written evidence submitted by Mr Tony Read (RSM0018)


The forthcoming report from Highways England is expected to confirm the prioritising of modifications already agreed, including –

The benefits that new technology has already brought to new motorways are not in dispute –

For instance, reduced ‘bunching’ and ‘tailgating’ resulting in fewer collisions.    However, Highways England continue to use these statistics disingenuously when challenged about the inner lane dangers. … which is a separate issue. 

Whilst welcome, none of these actions will adequately address the extremely dangerous scenario of a vehicle being stationary in a ‘running’ lane.

The seriousness of any impact rises exponentially with the speed differential of the vehicles involved;  it is this difference that has caused so many fatalities and life-changing injuries.


My suggestion: 

Is based on the premise that a driver would not use the inner lane if restricted to 30mph, if the other lanes were moving considerably faster…

I believe that the following should be introduced immediately :

i.e. the use of the lane would be self-regulating


March 2021