Written evidence from Alison Hunter (COV0052)

I would like to start with highlighting Sweden, who have imposed no restrictions or lock downs on their citizens, and has one of the lowest infection and death rates from COVID-19 out of any country in the world. It therefor seems that our human rights have been stripped from us for no good reason. The next step of the Government should be to bring the country back to normal as soon as possible.

The impact of present restrictions, far outweigh the perceived dangers of covid-19. All of the following examples are a real and present danger to the health and wellbeing of the entire nation. Not being permitted to visit family and friends. Not being permitted to work unless you are a keyworker. Not being permitted to hold or attend clubs, sports, meetings, groups and religious gatherings. Being told a maximum number of times you can leave your home and for limited reasons. Having to queue to shop and only being able to shop for essentials.

The groups which will be disproportionately affected are, mothers of young children who are having to spend all day at home with no support. Victims of domestic abuse. Those with mental health problems. Those who are mentally or physically disadvantaged and their carers. The elderly and those living alone. The younger generation missing out on nursery, school, college and university. Those in their teens and twenties to whom socialising is paramount. I know of some with severe anxiety in this age group.

I personally, am a grandmother who normally provides part time child care for my grandchildren and am missing them terribly. I feel completely useless not being permitted to support my two daughters. I am also unable, under current restrictions, to provide the usual support I give to my 89 year old mother who lives alone.

In conclusion, I reiterate, the negative impact of the current restrictions far outweigh the perceived danger of covid-19.

22 April 2020