Written evidence submitted by Philip Eldridge (RSM0010)

LGV / PCV Professional Driver and IAM Advanced Motorist


I use the section of the M4 north of Bristol and Newport (S Wales) on most weekdays.


The all lane running has reduced the daily congestion and if used properly, facilitates the passage of a lot more vehicles than the previous layout. (three lanes with a hard shoulder)

When all lane running is not in use the enforcement cameras should be operational for the national 70mph limit.



On the M4 north of Bristol, there is only 1 enforcement camera on 1 gantry yet there are 9 gantries, so regular motorists ignore the dynamic speed limits and lane closures except for the sole gantry with the camera. I would suggest an active enforcement camera and CCTV camera is provided on every gantry which will give more adherence to the dynamic speed limits and lane closures. It is the same situation along the M4 north of Newport with only 1 enforcement camera over several gantries.



Please turn off the large VMS displays when the all lane running is not in use. I don’t need to be told when the next sporting event is to be held. The large VMS displays should only be active when dynamic speed limits are in place and give information about the reason for the dynamic limits. (e.g. car fire in lane 1)



March 2021