Written evidence submitted by Mr Simon Gray (RSM0008)

Friday 14th August 2020 - M6 South bound carriageway, between 17.00 and 18.00; weather clear and dry; visibility good. Travelling in lane 1 (formally the hard shoulder) in a 7.5T speed restricted LGV, speed around 53-54 mph. Following a 40T LGV. The lorry I was following pulled out into lane 2 VERY swiftly, with no indication, this presented me with view of small red hatchback stationary in lane 1 with its occupants departing the vehicle. There was no time/distance to stop, My remaining options were hit the stationary car (I guess I could have slowed to 20-30mph) or move quickly into lane 2. The second option was only just possible as another 40T LGV was just about to pass me. To this day I still do not know how I avoided KILING/INJURING people whose only fault was breaking down on a major UK motorway. I can safely say travelling on these roads in an LGV is now VERY concerning for me.



February 2021