Written evidence submitted by Humberside Police (COR0102)

  1. Humberside Police is working with partners under the Civil Contingencies Act to develop a response to the health emergency that Covid-19 represents. The Local Resilience Forum leads the multi-agency response, although as a single agency, Humberside Police links into regional and national policing structures, led by NPCC.
  1. Each agency have business continuity plans that cover their core business areas, and the mechanism to tie them together is through the Local Resilience Forum Tactical and Strategic Groups where partners share updates and concerns, and work is commissioned to ensure that the Strategic Objectives are met. The SCG and TCG in Humberside have been  running daily since 24th March 2020, and there is significant progress against core threats, such as the preparedness for mass deaths and delivery of community hubs supporting the vulnerable. Through the LRF there is also coordinated activity in place to ensure the delivery of PPE to the front line where it is most needed.
  1. These are covered in a graduated withdrawal of service plan, in line with NPCC and Civil Contingencies guidance. Each plan is designed to maintain service to the core critical areas of business. For instance, response to 999 and 101; armed response; custody; response to major investigations and protecting vulnerable people; public order response, and protecting critical national infrastructure are critical roles, so service would be moved away from less critical functions such as opening front counters, less critical intelligence roles, and policy type functions to protect the critical functions. Testing has and will continue to take place to ensure resilience levels are maintained and that plans are kept up to date in changing circumstances.
  1. The Home Office and other HMG department support for vulnerable people in communities are being managed through the LRF SCG and TCG process, through the creation of Community Hubs to generate a local response to those people deemed to be vulnerable. These Community Hubs are now active and coordinating a range of support activity to the most vulnerable.
  1. Border Force in Humberside are the first responder to reports of clandestine at our ports, and to date there have been no concerns around staff availability. The response is a multi-agency response designed to safeguard those discovered, and is wider than just BF although they are critical in terms of primacy at the ports.
  1. Mobilisation in managed through NPOCC, and there is daily reporting in place around absence, PPE availability, critical areas of learning, and any areas where policing is operating outside its core mission. We also report on the skills routinely mobilised such as firearms and public order trained staff, and NPOCC in return issue a national collated figure for awareness. Any request for mutual aid would be managed in the same way as it is currently – initially by in-force mobilisation, then by regional mobilisation requests, and lastly through national mobilisation.
  1. LRF SCG and TCG are stood up, are meeting daily (1 x SCG and 1 x TCG daily).



April 2020