Written evidence from Mrs Friday Chidlow (COV0045)


Human Rights during COVID -19



Our Government is failing to duly consider our human rights due to their blinkered approach to this issue which is based on incorrect modelling and the escalation of a virus into a pandemic due to the incorrect calculations of cases. Due to the inaccuracies with testing, the lack of testing and the fraud of totalling the number of incidences of people with Coronavirus rather than evidence that COVID 19 has caused the death of them is negligent.  The Government's desire to fulfil other agendas is causing them to endanger human rights, these agendas have been influenced by other outside agencies foremostly the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  In pursuit of their agendas they are destroying human rights concerning freedoms of expression, rights not to be treated in an inhumane manner, right to life and right of religion and beliefs.



What steps need to be taken to ensure that measures taken by the Government to address the Covid-19 pandemic are human rights compliant.


  1. Government must consider that many people have the wisdom to act responsibility for their health and give them back their personal freedoms to do this by allowing them to exercise and socialise responsibly. Sweden has successfully done this by entrusting their people with the ability to look after their own health.  All the money that has been ploughed into the NHS for lockdown should be focused on the care of the immunocompromised, those most needing medical attention, the elderly and those with special needs.
  2. Science is failing to account for the emotional and spiritual health needs of UK, self-isolation is a known killer and is worse than smoking according to Dr Stephen Cole’s seminal work. In addition, the fear that has been put into the UK populace by the press is damaging the health of the public. Fear is known to lower the immune system.  Spiritual and emotional needs must be met at this time and you must allow people to make that choice to meet these needs independently. 
  3. Science is discounting the ability of a large swathe of the public to take great care and responsibility over their own health, who by not relying on the NHS in effect save the NHS millions of pounds every year.  Science is discounting thousands of years of the wisdom of mothers to raise their children and the use of natural medicine to do this/ Lots of studies worldwide are showing that there are other health approaches, ie administering vitamin A, D and C which have been used successfully worldwide to address Coronavirus and support the body's natural immune system in overcoming this illness, these must be taken seriously and investigated before medicalising everyone (which seems to be a predetermined solution to this problem).  Otherwise the Government is failing in their duty to take care of the public’s health. Public health policy must in the first instance be about supporting the public’s immune system and providing emergency care where needed.
  4. The Government should not be taking scientific evidence from one institution which, in hindsight, has calculated the figures wrongly and as a result denied us a huge swath of human rights. There should have been much broader consultation, Neil Ferguson’s poor ability to model e.g. his history of modelling Foot and Mouth should have been considered, we have changed our whole country on this basis. The model it used was grossly wrong and added to the fear mongering and panic our human rights have been taken away based on these figures.
  5. Members of the public are aware of Agenda 21, the UN agenda and WEF. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is single handedly in cahoots with all of these organisations, in turn they are heavily investing in Pharmaceutical and Tech companies and so it needs to be appreciated that this organisation has its agenda.  Bill and Melinda Gates fund the Guardian Newspaper, the BBC and a lot of key academic institutions in this country and to ensure human rights are protected we must have a better representation of the people’s voice that is not being heard and human rights organisations must be given a voice too. I personally have lost faith in our Government when I learn that Hancock has 75% share in a vaccine company.  There seems to be only one agenda and the Government and other institutions are stopping at nothing to ensure it is implemented.
  6. Surveillance on a large scale should be an opt in, not everyone should have to give up their rights to privacy, surveillance undermines this and in future may lead to restrictions on travel and access to key services, this must not be mandated for all. Many organisations in the UK have a vested interested in technology and they influence the government, there must be an independent body to protect our rights to privacy.
  7. There is no free press in the UK with investigative journalists to critique what is happening to the public.  It is a serious issue in the UK now individuals in power and organisations with vested interests are given free rein to influence the Government agenda, there is mounting distrust of Government which could lead to mass civil disobedience.


What will be the impact of specific measures taken by the Government to address COVID-19 pandemic be on human rights in the UK.


We are a free country yet -


  1. Our freedom of expression has and will continue to be eroded - Tech companies are being allowed to determine what we can and cannot discuss on social media.  So the populace will start to grow frustrated when we cannot freely speak about issues that concern us, the discontent is already growing and it will continue to grow until it is expressed in some other form.
  2. Rights not to be treated in an inhumane way and the right to life- We are being treated inhumanely. This is already happening by the DNR policy and also by not allowing people in care homes to be visited by their loved ones. Isolation will no doubt lead to suicide, lowered immune system through fear, not the virus but that we are entrapped and our freedom to move freely and socialise has been taken away.  
  3. The right to freedom of religion and belief and our right to life. There is a large part of the populace who exercise their freedom to take care of their health as they seem appropriate, as they have freedom to religion and belief. The impact of the Government proposing vaccination as an answer is taking away the freedoms that we gained at Nuremberg and under the declaration of Human Rights.  The impact already is that thousands of people are fearful of the Government being allowed to medicalise its populace, especially when there is mounting evidence that vaccination is neither safe nor effective and that they contain many ingredients like aluminium, aborted human fetal tissue and animal cells.  Especially when vaccines are neither tested against a placebo as all other medicines are and especially when Pharmaceutical companies have a huge vested interest in mass vaccination.  It is inherently dangerous to treat every individual as the same as no one medicine will have the same outcomes on every person.  The side effects of vaccinations, including death, are real and listed on every vaccine insert. Individuals must maintain their right to determine for themselves and their children how they choose to develop and protect their immune system.

We have been fortunate to have the protection of Informed consent in this country and this should continue.  The impact of mass vaccination is that there is no comparison of health outcomes of vaccinated against non-vaccination, America which now wishes to move further in adult vaccinations has some of the worst medical outcomes in the world especially in terms of children’s health.  The impact of not allowing this freedom to choose will be a greater reliance on the NHS and we will eventually be medicalised from birth with no return. 


Which group will be disproportionately affected by the measures taken to address COVID-19?

  1. People who have religious and other beliefs - they will feel further isolated and discouraged as they are not being allowed to access their religious institutions or choose to follow their own religious and belief choices around medication.
  2. Individuals who live on their own - risk of suicide, depression, lowering of their immune system and an inability to thrive
  3. Individuals who live in abusive relationships - stress, depression, physical abuse and suicide.
  4. Parents - the stress of home-schooling, working, loss of income and isolation is taking its toll.
  5. New mothers and their babies - There will be incredible amounts of stress that is caused to a child and mother who has had their child removed from them at birth because of worries about COVID 19. Breastfeeding is so important to building a child’s immune system and it will no doubt be lowered if this separation is practised.
  6. Children - Stress, depression, physical abuse and suicide.  They have a right to education and much of education is the social aspect which is currently being denied.
  7. Individuals who wish to exercise their right to informed consent - stress and fear.
  8. Individuals who feel that there is corruption at many levels, that their rights have been stripped away - stress that will lead to civil disobedience and possible physical harm to themselves and others.


22 April 2020