Written evidence submitted by Milford Haven Energy Kingdom (REW0011)


Renewable Energy in Wales Consultation

Response from Milford Haven Energy Kingdom Project (MH: EK)

MH:EK is a two-year £4.5 million project, completing in 2022, exploring what a decarbonised smart local energy system could look like for Milford Haven, Pembroke and Pembroke Dock. The project will explore the potential of hydrogen as part of a multi-vector approach to decarbonisation. Central to the project, and to achieving net-zero, is a commitment to engage with the community and local industry, providing insight and opportunities for growth.

Our ambition is to gather detailed insight into the whole energy system around Milford Haven, to identify and design a future smart local energy system based on a truly multi-vector approach (heat, electricity, transport) and comprehensive energy systems architecture.

The project is multi-faceted and will see the team investigate local renewable energy, including solar, onshore wind, future offshore wind and biomass for decarbonised gas transition; diversified seed markets for hydrogen across buildings, transport and industry; consumer trials of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen-ready hybrid heating systems.

We believe the project holds promise in showcasing the far-reaching benefits of low carbon energy. If successful, it has the potential to lead the way and become the first of many Smart Local Energy Systems supporting the U.K. and our local communities in reaching the Government’s target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

MH:EK is one of the chosen “Detailed Design” projects within the Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PfER) programme of works funded by Innovate UK as part of their Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).

How can the UK Government best support the deployment of renewable generators in Wales?

How should the UK and Welsh Governments work together to support the development of renewable energy projects in Wales?

What mechanisms can ensure that subsidies for renewable generators are good value for money?

What opportunities are there for renewable generators in Wales of greater interconnection with other electricity markets?

How can the UK Government facilitate Welsh contributions to COP26?


What implications is COP26 expected to have for Wales?

MH:EK are not providing a response to this section.

Has the COP26 Year of Climate Action had any significant implications for Wales?

MH:EK are not providing a response to this section.

What opportunities are there for renewable energy to aid Wales post-COVID-19 economic recovery?



February 2021