Christopher Antoniou – Written evidence (NPS0131)




1 I will give you examples of city’s and towns that lack leisure centres.  Guildford is one of them where there is only one centre, Spectrum and it is over used, and during the day the gym is over subscribed for personal fitness.


2. Can VR be the future to get people to the gyms. An example in a large environment where people can experience an activity through VR standing and walking.


3. Martial Arts is a dying breed. Not only is it a discipline for the body and mind it is also useful for personal protection and defence.


4. Mega dancing venues during the day at purpose built gyms such as zumba, or disco music. This would bring enjoyment to the participants and create friendships and communication.


5. To create tournaments on a regular basis at purpose built gyms. Such as football tournaments. Basketball, tennis. Volleyball. These are low expensive sports that can be achieved on a daily basis.

The above are avenues that my lords may wish to review


2 February 2021