Albion Water                            WQR0016

Written evidence submitted by Albion Water Limited

In 1999 Albion Water became the first new regulated water company established since privatisation. It operates under the competitive NAV arrangements introduced by the Water Industry Act and regulated by Ofwat. Albion currently provides water and sewerage services to new communities, including being the first to install local non-potable dual supply networks to domestic properties for WC flushing and garden irrigation. In this way per capita potable consumption of 80 lpd (litres per person per day) can be achieved (compared to the current industry average of 142 lpd).

Albion Water appreciates the opportunity to respond to the Environment Audit Committee’s inquiry into urban diffuse pollution along with the water industry’s contribution to water pollution, to water quality failings and to failures in good ecological status of rivers. This response focusses on the following specific questions upon which the EAC invited submissions:

Albion Water remains committed to working with the regulators and regional water companies to develop sustainable new communities. Reducing water pollution is one benefit amongst many of embedding a local approach. This approach requires the right challenge to be set through the DWMP process and regulatory support to enable industry cross-subsidies to flow to the most resilient solution.

David Knaggs
Director of Sustainable Development
Albion Water Ltd.

February 2021