Written evidence submitted by Debra Starr


It seems to me that a structure covering devices based on speed a weight is more productive than considering single devices.  


This French analysis based on weight and (assisted) speed seems sensible.




The lightest, slowest devices be they a wheelchair, or a hoverboard, can share pavement space.   And we a.ready have mobility scooters under 8mph on these spaces.   I do not support heavier faster devices being allowed on pavements. 


The heaviest, fastest devices need to stick to the roads. 


But there is a wide range of devices that are well suited to cycle/mobility lanes and can use roads where these aren’t available - particularly if roads in urban areas were limited to 20mph.   The problem is more rural areas where roads often do not have pavements - some of devices might aid mobility and public transport is scant.    We need a big push to enabling micro mobility!  


May 2020