Written evidence submitted by The Ivors Academy



Dear Julian,


Thank you again for holding this important inquiry into the economics of streaming. There are many failings in the current system of remuneration which impact music creators which have been laid bare by the Covid-19 epidemic. We are greatly appreciating the time, scrutiny and diligence that the DCMS Select Committee is giving to understanding and evaluating the differing perspectives on these important issues.


Following the initial oral evidence sessions which have given creators and industry representatives the opportunity to speak, we look forward to the forthcoming sessions which will hear from the UK Collecting Societies and representatives of the three major music labels. We note that no representatives from music publishing, nor the independent sector have been called yet and hope their important perspectives will be heard.


While we would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions the Committee might have on our submissions and recommendations via oral hearing or roundtable session, I would like to highlight again our position in advance of the forthcoming sessions:


The need for Regulation of Major Music Intermediaries




The need for Copyright Reform


The need for Data and Administration Reform


The need for Research



There are many other points contained in our written submission, but we hope this letter is beneficial in highlighting key points. We remain at the Committee’s disposal throughout the duration of the inquiry.


Warm regards, Yours sincerely,



Graham Davies

CEO, The Ivors Academy of Music Creators