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Julian Knight MP


Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee

House of Commons

London SW1A 0AA


20th January 2021


Dear Julian,


Thank you for your letter of 17 December 2020.


We have diverted some resource to gather the data requested by the Committee. We have assumed that the Committee is interested in the period from July 2017 (when the BBC first disclosed the pay of those earning more than £150,000).  As such we have responded to the questions for that time period with regard to both equal pay and race discrimination employment tribunal claims.  We have not included in this response tribunal claims which are still ongoing because they are commercially prejudicial.


  1. How much time have the BBC’s in-house lawyers spent on equal pay and race discrimination cases?

The total number of hours recorded by BBC in-house lawyers against files that have been opened for employment tribunal cases where there have been allegations of equal pay and/or race discrimination is 2,452 hours. 


  1. What is the average salary for the in-house lawyers who worked on these cases?

The BBC’s job pay ranges for the current financial year for those in-house lawyers who have worked on race discrimination and/or equal pay tribunal claims are set out below :


Lawyer: £46,210 - £68,800

Senior Lawyer: £66,740 - £102,680


A number of different lawyers falling within the two jobs listed above have worked on the various claims at different points in time. 


  1. How much time have external lawyers spent on equal pay and race discrimination cases for the BBC?

External solicitors have spent a total of 2,688 hours on such cases for the BBC. 

Barristers are also routinely instructed to represent the BBC in hearings and preparation for such hearings.  They do not usually bill by the hour; instead a ‘brief fee’ is agreed which is a fixed fee for a hearing regardless of time spent. 


  1. What was the BBC billed for these hours?


The BBC was billed a total of £1,121,652 by external lawyers (solicitors and barristers). 


Yours sincerely,





Andrew Scadding

Head of Corporate Affairs