Yemisi Mokuolu, Director, Hatch Africa – Written evidence (ZAF0021)


Given our involvement in cultural and investment activity on the continent and our extensive experience in the UK, our input into the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND DEFENCE COMMITTEE CALL FOR EVIDENCE is focused on three areas:


Unleashing the diaspora 

The diaspora is a huge potential asset to the UK, especially with respect to building UK-Africa trade and cooperation, but it is serially untapped. To address this UK Government should provide:

Cultural & creative industries 

There is great potential for cultural and creative industries to build relationships and facilitate trade and corporation between UK and Africa. African and diaspora residents in the UK do not receive proportionate funding and audience opportunities, and the kind of partnerships that the British Council does offer, is on a small scale and should be substantially enlarged, as should the funding via the Arts Council for diaspora organisations, African festivals, bilateral cooperation and other African artistic activity. Cultural and creative industries investment funds such as the one we have been developing at Hatch should be built upon. The Africa Festival that the FCO is leading on should be absorbed into the BAME arts sector and funded on an annual basis. 


Africa Town 

Projects like Africa Town are vitally important providing:

Received 15 January 2020