Written evidence submitted by Transport for London [GRA MISS0068]



Dear Chair,

Written evidence submitted by Transport for London [GRA MISS0068]



Thank you for your email of 8 December following my appearance in front of the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee to discuss body image in advertising.


Please see below for responses to your information requests.


The composition of the Mayor’s Advertising Steering Group



How often the group meets and the areas of work undertaken by the steering group


The Advertising Steering Group represent a diverse range of expertise and was established in 2016 by direction of the Mayor to guide and inform the development of the TfL Advertising Policy. Since it was set up, the Group has met regularly and reviewed a wide range of topics.

Written evidence submitted by Transport for London [GRA MISS0068]


Its initial focus was overseeing the implementation of the policy changes introduced by the Mayor around body image and it has noted the reduction of problematic copy in this area. It also reviews the range and number of complaints received and provides regular comment and insight. Members were updated on the advertising restrictions for products high in fat,

sugar and salt that were announced in October 2018 and have also been regularly briefed on the progress of the Diversity in Advertising competitions.


The group meets twice a year. Due to coronavirus, the meeting scheduled for earlier this year was postponed but was then held virtually in September 2020. The plan is to meet again before the Mayoral election in May 2021. The Advertising Steering Group will continue to be an important forum in the management of our advertising estate. Agendas, minutes and materials can be found at https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/business-and-commercial/commercial- media


I’ve also taken the liberty of including a link to the combined 2018/19 and 2019/20 Annual Advertising Report here: http://content.tfl.gov.uk/advertising-report-2018-20-acc.pdf

The purpose of the Advertising Report is to summarise the performance of the TfL advertising estate. The report is normally published some months after the end of the previous financial year, but this year we took the opportunity to bring forward the report for 2019/20 and combine it with the report for 2018/19.


Yours sincerely

Christopher Macleod

Director, Customer & Revenue Transport for London


December 2020