Lindsey Anderson Tusk - Written evidence (RSK0008)


Risk Assessment on Mitigating Economic, Social and Health and Safety Risks Associated with current and future tsunami-like events.

The importance of referencing historical events, is key to mitigating risks, associated with the natural progression of our evolving universe.

As a first step, the representatives who form the select committee are paramount in exploring the domino effect of events such as currently, the pandemic, formally, preparations for the new millennium and potential catastrophic time-driven outcomes.

Currently, the corona virus pandemic has laid bare decades of ignoring social issues, for example, surrounding families who cannot afford to feed their children; families who cannot educate their children remotely because they cannot afford neither the equipment nor the wi-fi links to make them work; ethnic minority people whose risk is great in contracting this horrendous   disease.

We have seen the heroic activities of the now “Sir” Tom, our NHS and front- line carers, our educators, the Marcus Rashford role models of this world.

Have we ever invited grass roots individuals to contribute to Select Committee work?

CEOs of various organizations are given much media air time, and their “expert” views drive public opinion. Where are the individuals who deliver to us on an every- day basis and their supply chain of delivery?

I referred earlier to the Millenium and the very real fear associated with potential, for example, plane crashes, and the great motivating factor, money, and the collapse of the world stock exchanges, due to our time sensitive mechanisms not turning over to the next millennium, rather re-starting the 20th century!

At the time I was employed by a global insurance company.

I still have the mug which has the words “time bomb” printed on it.

My organization started planning, with a view to mitigating any risk to their portfolio of business, 3 years prior to the event.

It has been known for a number of decades, that our flu jab development is lagging behind the mutations of the condition – whatever your colour of politics, this is due to lack of government investment.

Whilst Astra Zeneca has stepped up to the plate concerning covid-19 and its subsequent mutation vaccinations, be under no illusion, their activities are not driven by purely altruistic considerations.

They have worked in partnership with Oxford University and one would hope, this will have been supported by a financial contribution to the university’s research programme.

As an undergraduate student, 40 odd years ago, student research programmes were, in the first instance, to satisfy military need and subsequently, if possible, used in lucrative commercial settings.

What value, human life?

What value the physical and mental health and wellbeing of all generations of our population?

A blame culture does not provide any solutions, however, hindsight can, in this case, inform the risk assessments and audits of those communities, organisations, the legitimate hopes and dreams of our people, whose world has been turned upside down due to the pandemic.


7 January 2021