Written evidence submitted by Adventure International Ent Ltd

We are a multi activity school residential holiday provider in Bude on the North Cornish Coast. We have been in business since 1979 and have progressively developed and grown over the past 40 years into a thriving, successful business that welcomes over 6000 visitors a year from over 70 differing schools from all over the country. This means we employ approximately 80 individuals throughout our main season from April to November with this dropping to 20 throughout our closed season providing full time employment in a very quiet time in this part of the country.

The business has been growing progressively over the last 6 years under new management and has flourished turning over in excess of £1.5 million with over £500,000.00 of this going towards employees’ wages. We are also a proud supporter of the local economy and all of our food is purchased through local providers putting over £100,000.00 into the local economy.

Over the course of 2020 all of this has vanished our last paying client came through the door on the 1st November 2019 and due to the governments ban on residential school visits we have not had a single customer through the door since the end of this visit.

2020 and the corona virus pandemic has been devastating for the business and while we are eternally grateful for the removal of business rates and the furlough scheme which has allowed us to keep our full time employees in employment we are still in desperate need of financial support. We have received one £3000 grant for the lockdown in November. Again whilst it is deeply appreciated it barely touches the sides we have monthly fixed outgoings of approximately £15,000 and are now slowly going deeper and deeper into debt to try and fight our way through this period. Being in a constant tier 1 location has meant we have been eligible for any support due to us never having to be closed however with the removal of all of our customers due to the ban we are effectively closed yet receiving no financial support. This is a huge issue and one that needs to be addressed moving forward.

Our customer base is there and desperate to return to us however due to the government restrictions they are not able to and we are rapidly moving towards major debt and insolvency. We know this is a viable and profitable business but we need help to get through to the other side of this pandemic. Government are clearly happy with school children being together in school why are they not happy for them to be together out of it? The vaccine will hopefully play a major role in this and will allow us to begin trading again.

There is much that could be written and produced around this subject however I feel the single biggest statement is below:


2019 Visitors – 79 Schools bringing over 6000 visitors

2020 Visitors – 0


I hope this is of value and if there is anything else you require please don’t hesitate to contact me.


December 2020