Written evidence submitted by Moorland Hall Ltd


Moorland Hall Ltd              -Residential Outdoor pursuits and English Language Centre


We have had no meaningful income since March 2020. This is set to continue until at least Easter 2021. At this point our operation may be significantly reduced due to corona virus regulation.

Previously our turnover was around £650 000 per annum.

60% of our business comes from abroad especially Europe. This will not return until travel is ‘safe’ probably not until 2022 if Brexit doesn’t prohibit further.


We have received Furlough payments and two grants totally £11 300 approx.


We have lost all our trusted staff as the extension to Furlough was received too late to retain them.

We have significant overheads relating to the upkeep of the premises and being able to resume trading in the future. Heating, electric, water, maintenance accountants, professional affiliations, training etc.


I ran a very successful business delivering valuable learning and experiences to many young people every year.


As I was paid mainly in dividends my personal income has crashed and I am responsible for the support of 5 children over 2 households. The effect on me personally has been substantial.


December 2020