Written Evidence National Farmers' Union (SCT003)

The NFU represents 55,000 members in England and Wales, involved in 46,000 farming businesses. In addition, we have 55,000 countryside members with an interest in farming and the countryside.


Seasonal changes of time


The NFU does not hold strong views on whether the UK should maintain or discontinue seasonal changes of time.


When we last conducted a survey of our membership’s views on this topic, there was a slim majority in favour of lighter evenings.


Work patterns vary farm to farm and therefore whether an extra hour’s daylight would be more beneficial in the morning or the evening depends on that individual farm and farmer.


If the Government were to make a firm proposal or commitment to discontinue seasonal changes of time, the NFU would need to carry out a thorough consultation with our membership.


With the position still unclear at this point, the NFU are keeping an open mind and willing to consider all proposals.


20 August 2019