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Young people’s use of digital technology 




“We've all experienced having to use technology to stay in touch with loved ones over the pandemic, but as a kid in care, I would never speak to my biological family if not for technology.”



“The "sent, delivered, seen" ticks by messages can be damaging, I sometimes go on to see if people are active if I wish I could talk to them”. 



Young people’s access to digital mental health support 









‘Mental health support online can feel systematic and like it’s “one size fits all”.’ 

Therefore, when considering the development of digital forms of support, information and interventions in the future, there must be a consideration of how they ensure that there is advice for a more diverse range of feelings, behaviours and experiences. 




Impact of digital technology on young people’s mental health



Regulation and the Online Harms White Paper





Our recommendations; 





11 December 2020