It seems to me that there is a massive threat to us all that no one seems to have recognised.


We all now recognise the threat to the environment from plastic waste, it is everywhere. We have been told that it will take many thousands of years to break down, however, microorganisms with metabolic pathways that could potentially allow them to feed on plastic have been discovered. This could provide a mechanism to dispose of the waste, in fact I believe people are considering genetically modified organisms to enhance the process to digest waste.  This might seem an attractive option, but in fact it would be incredibly dangerous.


Wth a world now full of “free food” , any organism, natural or GM, capable of using it would multiply at an incredible rate, but it wouldn’t stop at waste plastic.


At this point it is worth remembering how important plastics are to us. Pipes, cables, engineering materials, medical devices, the list is endless and all could be at risk from hungry bugs.