Written evidence submitted by Mrs Savinder Gill



Due to the lack of formal A level exams, my daughter was caught in the exam fiasco of 2020 due to government failings. She had two Dentistry UK offers after having succeeded in the rigorous application process on the back of teacher predictions and glowing references. Her school had followed the ASCL CAG moderation guidance where current year cohort performance was ignored and instead prior year historical performance was benchmarked.


This resulted in her being demoted by 1 grade for all of the 3 STEM subjects thus failing to obtain any of the university offers. This has had a profound impact on her mental health and that of ours too as it was difficult to see her in tears almost every day since Aug 13th. We submitted an internal appeal but were rejected at several stages. She has decided to undertake the June 2021 exams to prove that she is  a grade A*/A student. Her current tutors are also  providing similar feedback. High calibre students mainly attending state schools that followed ASCL guidance, to avoid school inspections, were wrongly undercagged and a full enquiry should be undertaken with a view to provide recourse to independent grade assessments.


It is not to late since the students caught out in this exam fiasco will have the stigma of the lowered grades for the rest of their lives. Employers are constantly being told wrongly that there was grade inflation so an enquiry will highlight the plight of the minority that were wronged and hopefully provided due recourse..



December 2020