Written evidence submitted by Mr John Phillips

Education Committee: The impact of COVID-19 on education and children’s services

Evidence Supplied:

A Key Idea for helping young people’s educational attainment


This is a substantial idea to help our young people for the covid difficulties and after. It is both cost effective and easy to implement.


Most students will have key subjects that are crucial to their education and career progression.


This idea provides a fantastic opportunity to help students improve their required learning in their key subjects:-



changed each week or month to provide an accurate measure of each students final progress.

The Content of ‘revision MOOC’s’

This is crucially important.  The ‘revision MOOC’s’ should concentrate on the core learning aspects of each subject.  They should highlight the key understanding pathways and especially the understanding of processes and systems rather than straightforward facts.  Clearly, some subjects are more fact based, such as history, but most subjects can be set out as a set of learning stages that properly understood, and applied, will give the student command of the subject as a whole.

Whenever possible, these ‘revision MOOC’s’ should test for this ‘applied understanding’ at each stage and at the final testing stage.

The costs

Provided the implementation id carried out as above, the total costs of creating these core subject based ‘revision MOOC’s’  will be small, in the low millions £ (rather that the billions spent on covid testing et al).  As such, these cost would represent a tiny fraction of the education cost of these key years in each students life.

The outcomes:

This new system will provide the following benefits:


Window of Opportunity

These ‘revision MOOC’s’ should be finalised by May 2021, before the end of the exam period in 2021. This provides a window for the implementation to be achieved given the size of the task.  Purchasing / utilising one of the existing MOOC technology platforms will provide an easy path for this implementation.  Writing the scripts, creating the videos, writing the revision notes and tests are the most time consuming stages.



The risks are as follows:



Please feel free to call me at any time to discuss this idea.


Thank you for your interest and time.



John Phillips



Authors Profile:

This idea is put forward from extensive knowledge of educational MOOC’s, many years work within strategic business consultancy, the direct management of several businesses and high level experience of IT & emerging technologies.


Additional Note:

When considering this idea, it was viewed by asking ‘what are we attempting to achieve for our students during this difficult covid period’. 

Many observations currently being considered do not seem to start from defining the right question.  The proposals being put forward regarding exam results and how to measure them et al, confuse the benefit for the student with what is possible or achievable within the exam administration systems 

This idea goes directly at the solution for the student – to gain the education they need to successfully progress their career paths.



December 2020