International Development Committee Inquiry


Humanitarian crises monitoring: The impact of coronavirus


Written evidence from War Child UK


War Child is a non-governmental organisation founded in the UK in 1993 which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing and recovering from conflict. We provide education, protection and support with food security and livelihoods to children and their families, and communities. The evidence for this submission is based on inputs from War Childs country teams, and UK-based specialist staff. Registered charity: 1071659







  1. Child protection activities must be prioritised by NGOs, donors and governments in this crisis. To date child protection remains one of the most underfunded sectors relative to other sectors.


  1. The UK government should develop a loan guarantee for charities needing overdrafts to cover cash flow and work with the insurance sector to cover COVID-19 under business interruption for charities.


  1. National and local civil society have critical roles to play – both in support of government systems strengthening, and providing frontline assistance and protection, especially in conflict-affected areas. Their needs, analysis and responses must be fed into the government’s response. This must be backed up with flexible funding, including adequate and consistent support for organisational overheads and staff salaries.




the emergence, incidence and spread of coronavirus virus infections and the Covid-19 disease in developing countries



the direct and indirect impacts of the outbreak on developing countries, and specific risks and threats (particularly relating to countries with existing humanitarian crises and/or substantial populations of refugees or internally displaced persons)


lessons identified and learned/applied from previous experience with infectious diseases (for example, Ebola); the implications for DFID’s policy on a global heath strategy



the impact of the outbreak, and consequential mitigation measures, on fund-raising by UK-based development charities/NGOs