Written evidence submitted by MRS MARGARET MATTHEWS [GRA1986]

Should the requirement for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria be removed? 

Please No!  There need to be protections in place for those who are considering this change.

With young people it is currently a sort of ‘trendy’ idea (along with self-harming) which gives them kudos amongst there peers.  It is currently such a dangerous ‘in-thing’ that all brakes that can be applied, should be applied to give them TIME. Time to make sure they are not ‘caught up in something’ and have room to manoeuvre should they wish to change their minds.


Keeping the medical diagnosis does at least mean that there is a professional scrutiny before life-changing surgery.


Because a high percentage of people presenting with gender dysphoria have other mental conditions, a diagnosis gives opportunity to address some of the accompanying issues.


Should there be changes to the two year requirement?

No, for many of the same reasons as for the above question.


The statutory declaration

This needs to be upheld to keep the seriousness of the action kept.



I would have thought it would be illegal for a spouse to change sex without the consent (or otherwise) of their marriage partner.


November 2020