Written evidence submitted by Ms Martha Dunkley [GRA1950]


Sadly they will not. The necessity to produce many bureaucratically closely defined  ‘proofs’ of gender dysphoria and care path process will defeat many as it has in the past.  The recommendation was for a simple declaration similar to a Statutory Declaration that would be legally binding but that does not require the lengthy ‘jumping through hoops’ that are required currently.

There should be automatic provision for those on low income.

Being of a different gender than designated at birth or generally embodied is recognised by the psychiatric profession not to be a mental illness. There should be no need for a diagnosis either to live in the gender that feels appropriate or to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate.

The spousal veto is in our view an infringement of personal rights of the individual.  What should be available is a speedy divorce for those partners for whom gender reassignment is a bar to continuation of the marriage or civil partnership.


Wider issues concerning transgender equality and current legislation: 

The Equality Act 2010 has operated without harm to protect trans people using appropriate facilities.  We see no need for change other than to restrain alarmist and unevidenced rhetoric around these provisions.

Domestic violence services have rigorous vetting by experienced staff in place to prevent harm and we see no need for further regulation in this regard.

We believe that the campaign of misinformation from various quarters would not be permitted against other marginalised groups and that steps should be taken to prevent the dissemination of lies that result in psychological and sometimes physical harm


November 2020